Mondays With My Boy #10

Maggie with Eliot and Laila

This is Maggie with her son Eliot and my niece Laila.  It’s an old picture, almost two years old.  I have no idea what they’re looking at.  It seems clear that Eliot is playing with my niece’s finger.  Maggie and Laila, likely amused by another image of my brother snoring while his second daughter lays across his stomach, aren’t paying attention to finger playing.

I spent time as usual with the boy the other day, but Maggie wins a picture on the blog because she did too.  Maggie and Dawn figured out last weekend how good it’d be for Eliot and Bryce to hang out more.  So, auntie Maggie offered me an hour or two break.

I dropped the boy off and walked over the Osaka garden for a while.  Later, I was told that he wailed most of the next hour and a half, before Maggie texted me.  I ended up coming back 25 minutes earlier than planned, sipping roiboos tea.  They were in the park, all of them happy and running by then.  “You can go back now,” she sang over a field of grass.  “Too late,” I told her, “I’m already here.”

Maggie wins the award for this week’s favorite father friend!

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