Waiting, Adopting, Beauty, & Ugliness

Leslie Beckett, a sometimes guest on this blog, talks about waiting in a recent post at Confessions from Momville.  Her blog is partially dedicated to her discussing the family’s transition toward adopting a child.  In the post linked below, Leslie turns us toward some of the feelings attached to waiting, some of the feelings inside the process.

Adoption is a wonderful thing.  It makes sense that whenever people find out we are adopting that they are happy and excited and think it’s terrific.  We are direct recipients of the greatness that it is with Mike and our future child.  However, I have to admit that sometimes I wish people realized that it is so, very complex and not always so beautiful.  I mean, think about it, why does adoption exist in the first place?  Every addition of a child is a transition, but the factors that come with adoption can be hard, tragic, and wounding on all sides.  There have been times when I feel like people hear “It’s a small world” playing in their minds as they gush over adoption and how awesome it is.  I want to stop the music then.

One of the reasons I’m grateful for this post is Leslie’s ability to name the unseen.  She points out what most folks miss, the complexity of adopting.  There’s complexity in waiting too.  And then there’s ugliness.

Toward the end of her post, Leslie says,

Adoption is beautiful.  It allows for so much good.  But it is more than that, too.

I’m grateful that she’s writing about more than beauty as she (and they) step toward adding to the family.  If you want to read Leslie’s entire post or if you want to journey along with her and the Beckett family, click here.

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